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Both in construction and in production, EKSIM TRANS provides quality control on all its manufactured production. Factory has got own laboratory on the territory, which thoroughly follows produced production, as well as establishes and develops new formulated composition of concrete and its products. Employees’ high qualification levels and long-term experience in the field allows introducing innovations, which increase the quality levels of all manufactured production.

  • Production and transportation of concrete and solutions:
    • the high sorts of transporting concrete;
    • the high sorts of frost-resistant and hydraulic concrete;
    • the white concrete;
    • the experience of delivery the concrete with modified properties of the concrete adapted to the needs of the customer:
      • mix for the warm floors;
      • speed up the stiffening of concrete;
      • retardation of the stiffening of concrete;
      • self-packing concrete;
      • concrete with additive compound for wintertime concreting;
      • concrete with special plasticity for easy pumping into the out-of-the-way places